Chie’s cat house was provide 10 room for the cat
 Each room has bedroom and playing area for  Cat. In the room has a automatic machine for cat food that combine dry food and water. We  promise to take care of  your cat and make them confortable at chie’s cat house. Each room will provide two bowl for  cat food and drink.

Cat's Food
Evey day  cat will give fresh fish at the morning and  night. Other than that, we also give a  tiger prawn for a cat at noon. To make sure  all the cat  not hungry and enough food, we also give cat's dry food such as  whiskers  to the cat .
Spa for Cat
We also provide spa for cat to make a treatment on cat. For  example, we will bath  the cat  once a day. Other than that we aslo doing a massage treatment for eyes and ears . In additional  we also will cut cat claw for spa treatment and cat grooms.
Cat Photo
We will take a photo of  the cat eveyday. The photo of the cat will send to owner that on holiday to persuade owner that their cat is in good condition.

Pick up and Pick off cat
Pick up and pick off cat service to the owner  is start from 8.00 am  to 6.00 pm ever Monday to Friday. While for Saturday and Sunday, its start at 8.00 am- 5.00pm. There no pick up or pick off during holiday.
Cat Birth Service
We also provide for cat birth service where you can send cat to birth in Chie’s Cat House. We  will give treatment for cat birth. Ather cat birth, we will give born certificate for the kitten  that register  under  Department of Veterinary to identify of the cat.