Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome to Chie's Cat House

Chie's Cat House is located at Section 7, Pusat Komersil, Shah Alam. Chie's Cat House offer an ideal second home to your cat while your are off for holiday, working or taking short break. We will ensure your cat get full take care as at Home and will better care your cat. We also will give an attention to your cat during stay in Chie's Cat House. We are provide an accommodation  for your cat such as bedroom and playing area.

Chie's Cat House can cater an individual cat or small family cat and happy to take care of your cat. We are also provide service to pick up and pick off the cat for the owner. The service is available on Monday to Sunday. Other than that Chie's  Cat House also provide additional service such as cat boarding, cat spa and treatment, sale cat accessories and etc.

Chie's Cat House is the right place for take care of  your cat while your are away. We are happy for you to call as and to arrange meet us at our place. We are welcome you to come and see the facilities that we provide and offer for your  cat. 

To more information about our service and make a book room for your cat, you can call Miss Suzana on 0192242198 or e-mail on